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Throw away the meal plan!

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Let me share with you a little tip I share with my clients… You don’t need to be crushing it with perfectly nutrient packed healthy meals every day.

90/10 is enough when you are working on weight loss! And let's be real… even that can feel hard at times!

I recently had a conversation with one of my clients who is struggling to stay consistent with nutrient filled meals. We dove deep into the root cause and what was going on with her mealtime inconsistencies. We identified many contributing factors. Her sleep patterns, hormones and stress level and her MINDSET. The sad part was these were things that her previous diets never addressed. And that is where I differ from other programs… She shared with me that every other program she had ever done had a direct meal plan she HAD to follow with EXACT meals and SET schedules. And guess what?! It never worked. You know why?

Because it is NOT realistic to use someone ELSE’S meal plan for your whole life! Sure for awhile but not FOREVER!

If you really want to make weight-loss work with long term results, then you have to have a plan that works for YOU and builds up YOUR understanding to keep up the healthy changes long past the “X month meal plan”!

Because I work with you to give you the solid foundation and blueprint that instills the tools you need to make a healthy lifestyle work long term.

My promise to my clients is that… “I am going to hold your hand the whole way but at some point, you have to learn to take back the reins and be sustainable…on your own… and in a way that works for you.”

Because that is what makes this tough journey to healthy sustainable weight loss work in the end.

I’ve got a SHAPE ReClaimed Program that will get you started and it cover MINDSET!

I hope that this message gives you some empowerment! I would love to hear from you so reach out to me anytime.

To your thriving health,

Gwen Krehbiel, CNHP

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