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Do you want a boost to decreased inflammation, improved immune function, detoxification and release of excess weight? 

​This 21 Day Cleanse will reduce inflammation in your body, boost your immune system, help you discover the foods that may be causing you harm, and give your gut time to heal.

When you complete the 21-Day Quick Cleanse, you can continue to take the SHAPE Drops as a daily supplement for whole body support.


Watch your health and life change! We know how hard it can be to create healthy habits and maintain optimal health. With the SHAPE Challenge, you’ll learn new habits and because this program addresses the underlying cause of your symptoms, maintaining optimal health is possible! 

*Available Remotely

Shad McGuire SHAPE Testemony

I feel so much better and have gotten off 70% of my prescriptions. – Darrin

Individual results vary.

Wellness is not a one size fits all approach.
Let's map your unique plan.

SHAPE ReClaimed 21 Day Challenge


Are you struggling with any of these?

•    Aches and pains
•    Anxiety
•    Blood sugar imbalances
•    Brain fog
•    Depression
•    Emotional eating
•    Fatigue
•    Headaches
•    Irritability
•    Sleep problems
•    Weight gain

If you’ve tried everything, but nothing works, it’s because you’re dealing with inflammation. We have your simple, life-changing solution: the SHAPE Program. 

SHAPE Program = SHAPE Drops + SHAPE Nutrition Protocol


The SHAPE Drops 
The unique combination of ingredients in the SHAPE Drops support healthy detoxification and immunity. They are formulated to help you heal on a neurological and cellular level. The SHAPE Drops make the SHAPE Program unlike anything else you’ve tried before. 

The SHAPE Nutrition Protocol
The SHAPE Nutrition Protocol emphasizes nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory foods. We will customize this protocol to your unique needs. No gimmicks, shakes, bars or dieting. Just simple, whole food so you feel your very best. 

Change your life with the SHAPE Program:

•    Feel more like yourself
•    Have more energy
•    Keep up with the kids
•    Live without pain
•    Have a clear mind and active body
•    Feel great in your clothes
•    Be part of a like-mined community
•    Have better, stronger relationships
•    Relax and enjoy your life

Your SHAPE Program Includes:

•    Customized approach to meet your health goals
•    Regular guidance and urinalysis testing 
•    Support from thousands of members in the private Facebook group
•    Hundreds of delicious recipes to keep you on track
•    Time-tested program with tremendous results. 


*Available Remotely

Are you ready to transform your life?


*Available Remotely

SHAPE Reclaimed Certified Practitioner

Are you ready to reclaim your life?
Let's get your questions answered. 
Book a free call today. 

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