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Mastering Diabetes & Prediabetes (pdf guide)

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The pdf guide provides the top tips to balance your blood sugar and promote insulin sensitivity. Before we dive into how to manage your blood sugar, let’s cover what it is, and why it’s important... Anytime you eat carbs, your body breaks them down into glucose (aka “blood sugar”), which acts as your body’s main source of energy. But glucose needs help to get into your cells. Enter the hormone insulin. Insulin acts like a key, unlocking your cells to allow glucose in. When your blood glucose rises, your pancreas gets the signal to secrete more insulin. But if your blood sugar stays too high for too long, sometimes your pancreas stops responding to insulin. This is known as insulin resistance, and it can lead to prediabetes -- and if left unmanaged, type 2 diabetes. The guide goes over 10 ways to improve blood sugar regulation, the glycemic index, creating a balanced plate and examples.

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