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Stress Resiliency Toolkit (pdf guide)

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The pdf guide provides tips to help you identify stress and it's signals as well as proven stress-busting methods to integrate into your day to help individuals achieve their health goals. Feeling stressed? You’re not alone. About 55% of Americans report feeling stressed during the day. And 77% of people say stress interferes with their health. Let’s face it... we all deal with stress now and then. It’s part of life. But when stress lingers for too long, that’s when problems arise. How this toolkit works: This toolkit will cover 4 proven stress-busting methods to integrate into your day. When done consistently, they’ll build your stress resiliency, so you’re better able to rise above challenges. These practices all help your body exit stress mode and enter a calm, parasympathetic state. Implementing all 4 tools will give you the best results. But if that’s overwhelming, go at your own pace. Pick one tool to start, and once you master it, add another.

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