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🌟✨ Ready to embark on a transformative health journey?🌿💪
Here's what it's like to work with me!
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🔍 Personalized Plans: Tailored to your unique needs, my approach goes beyond weight loss. We focus on overall well-being, immune system enhancement, neuroendocrine system balance, circadian rhythm restoration, and gentle detoxification.

📋 Detailed Health History: Fill out a comprehensive health history and submit photos before our initial consultation. I can even communicate with your prescribing doctor if needed.

⏱️ Thorough Initial Visit: Expect a 2-hour session covering health history, diet, sleep, exercise, stress levels, and more. Evaluation procedures include urinalysis, ZYTO Bioscan, facial analysis, and other assessments.

📊 Root Cause Analysis: I delve into root causes of any dis-ease, formulate a tailored plan, and work towards your overall wellness using bioenergetic drops, supplements, essential oils, and lifestyle changes.

📅 Follow-Up Visits: Tailored plans, ranging from 30-60 minutes, are designed to suit your health goals. These visits focus on progress, adjustments, and your evolving wellness journey.

📚 Free Guide Series: Dive into my free guide series on Hormones to gain valuable insights. Hormones Not So Happy?

📞 Schedule a Call: Ready to dig into your challenges? Schedule a call here

🌈 Your Wellness, Your Way: Maximize your wellness capability and empower your body to heal itself. Have questions? Feel free to ask! 🌿🌟

My Story

I'm Gwen Krehbiel and I value everything around health, healing, being and transformation on all levels, mind, body & spirit.

Gwen Krehbiel 2023

After a breast cancer diagnosis in July of 2018, I did a ton of research visited several doctors and read and researched some more. In the end I opted to treat the cancer holistically. What I found is that God gave us these amazing bodies that can heal themselves. I used various different modalities and after several months my thermography scan indicated that there was no active blood supply to the cancerous area. I’ve continued to heal and felt led by God throughout the entire journey. Truly I am a better person physically, mentally, and emotionally for the trial.

I've done the research, taken the classes and certification now my passion is to help you heal even quicker than I did with less trial and error.

Welcome home dear friend. 

Leading up to the cancer diagnosis

Just a little bit of inflammation each year, it's easy to overlook. I had a positive breast cancer biopsy in July of 2018. Wish that was all that was "wrong" with me but it wasn't. This has been a valley that God has brought me through one step at a time, habit stacking along the way.

Gwen Krehbiel 2016
Gwen Krehbiel 2017


Gwen Krehbiel 2018



Gwen Krehbiel 2019

June 2019

I started out January 2019 with a 23 day fast and then moved into a ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting. I did several liver and gallbladder cleanses and started Gerson Therapy coffee enemas to open up my elimination pathways as well as castor oil packs on my liver. I used mud pack therapy on the biopsy scar tissue to promote healing and reduce toxins.

I also worked with a holistic professional on gut health and balancing hormones, reducing Lyme and co-infections and parasites.

Inflammation was going down due to intermittent fasting, a complete sugar detox lifestyle and moving my lymphatic system. 

I used Thermography scans to monitor the inflammation. I wish I'd have had one back in 2018  to compare but I didn't.

According to my Thermography scan there was asymmetry in the breasts with increase adjacent to the areolae and at the upper region. Left breast is at risk of likely fibrocystic. 

More work to do.

Visit Thermography of Wisconsin to schedule your scan today.

Thermography Scan 2023-01-02 165921
Gwen Krehbiel 2020

August 2020

In addition to the keto diet and intermittent fasting, I started to utilize float tanks, infrared saunas, colon hydration therapy and meditation, yin yoga and BrainTap headset and app to get rid of that stinking thinking, sleep better and wake up energized.

Chiropractic adjustments keep me moving freely. If you live in Hastings, MN or surrounding  area, I recommend Dr. Linden  Pfeiffer.


Thermography Scan 2023-01-06 182808
Gwen Krehbiel 2021

January 2021

Still working with a holistic professional on gut health and balancing hormones, EMF sensitivity and high levels of radon in my body. We installed a radon mitigation system and all is in normal ranges.

Inflammation is continuing to go down due to intermittent fasting, a complete sugar detox lifestyle and moving my lymphatic system. Adrenals are healing and mental health is so so much better. 

According to my Thermography scan there is reduced inflammation on the right breast and the left has stabilized.

Celebration time!

Thermography Scan 2023-01-02 165447
Gwen Krehbiel 2022

May 2022

In January 2022, I started my certification process to see clients. I graduated in November 2022.

Still working with a holistic professional balancing hormones as I transition through mesopause. My diet has strayed from the no sugar, keto diet and it's time to buckle back down so I can continue to heal. Bring on the Shape ReClaimed. Such a fantastic program and easy to implement. 

I use the rebounder everyday, coffee enemas weekly, walk 10,000 steps a day, practice yoga, meditation, breath work, gratitude, co-lead a weekly Bible study and more. 

Time to reset and focus on the daily decisions. 

August 2023

Happy 21st Wedding Anniversary to us.

Back in January 2023, I started my business, Krehbiel Natural Health LLC. I love helping people to heal. I continue to learn new things from my mentor, Dt. Todd and Dr. Cass and his daughter, Crystal Cass.

Mesopause is not a thing anymore so that's a blessing. My diet is back on track with no sugar, keto and Shape ReClaimed combined. My blood sugar levels are not perfect but stable. SHAPE is a fantastic program and easy to implement - LOVE the SHAPE drops for a gentle detox, strengthening my immune system and tackling inflammation. I use the rebounder everyday, BrainTap Therapy once a day, walk 10,000 steps a day, practice yoga, meditation, breath work, gratitude, co-lead a weekly Bible study, homeschool my youngest who is in high school, garden, take care of my chickens and do coffee enemas weekly.


God is good All the time! 

Gwen and David 2023 Anniversary Dinner
Chronic illness can be seen as an evolutionary process whereby you HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY to become aware of your current limitations, in all forms (physiological, psychological, emotional, spiritual). Most people don't see illness as an opportunity, only as something to be gotten rid of and replaced with something else. But life itself IS opportunity, because Life wants to go on, it wants to BE ALIVE.
Michael McEvoy
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