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What to Expect When You Work with a Natural Health Professional

What to ExpectWhen You Work with a Natural Health Professional

Learning how to support your body holistically can be one of the most powerful and gratifying experiences in your life. Through natural health, you can learn how to nurture and support yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. In addition, the information you can gain by working with a natural health professional can provide you with knowledge and skills to use for a lifetime to maintain wellness or overcome challenges.

If you’ve never worked with a natural health professional, you may wonder what to expect. Working with a reputable natural health professional can help you learn, try new things, and have support to act. Read on to discover some commonalities all natural health professionals share so you can decide if working with one is right for you.

1. Expect to be asked about your lifestyle choices.

A natural health professional focuses on you as a person, not any disease or disorder you may have. Your lifestyle choices can provide natural health professionals with a glimpse into who you are as an individual and how they can help you reach your wellness goals holistically. Your lifestyle choices, or as Krehbiel Natural Health refers to them, “Foundations of Health,” include food choices, water consumption, exercise, air quality and breathing, body and energy work, spirituality, rest, sunlight, and emotional balance. By discussing these elements of your life and others, a natural health practitioner can determine what recommendations may be appropriate for you.

Collage of natural health care.

2. Prepare to provide your health history.

Your health history helps a natural health professional determine what kind of support may or may not benefit you. Your health history can include personal and familial diagnosis, prior surgeries, medication and supplement use, and allergies.

3. Bring a list of what you’ve already tried.

Bring a List of Medication and Supplements You Take.

If you want to work with a natural health professional on a specific issue, describe what you’ve previously tried for it and how you responded. For example, if you have a reoccurring skin rash, share what natural or pharmaceutical support you’ve tried and how your body reacted. This helps the natural health professional understand more about you, what may or may not work, and determine other options that could be beneficial. It is important to note that natural health professionals cannot prescribe or modify the dosage of any medications unless they are also licensed medical physicians. Therefore, if you’re being treated for a condition or taking medication, review any recommendations made by a natural health professional with your diagnosing physician to ensure appropriateness.

4. Describe your health goals and current concerns.

Since natural health professionals look at the whole person, it’s important to describe your health concerns, not just name them. For example, if you have a condition diagnosed by a physician, it’s important to discuss with the natural health professional how that condition individually affects you. For example, does it make you feel less energy, have a stomachache, experience mood swings, or get dizzy? A natural health professional does not have a one-size-fits-all approach based on diagnosed conditions. Instead, they consider your complaints, what’s been tried, your health history, and your Foundations of Health (lifestyle choices) to see your whole picture and determine what support may work best for you.

"Since natural health professionals look at the whole person, it's important to describe your health concerns, not just name them."

Below are other important elements to consider when working with a natural health professional.

Your Healthcare Provider & Natural Recommendations

Your relationship with your medical provider is important to a natural health professional. Let your physician know that you’re working with a natural health professional and intend to review any recommendations with them. This is especially important if you’re in active treatment, have a pre-existing condition, or take medications. For example, some medicines can interact with supplements, while others may need their dosage updated as dietary and other lifestyle choices improve. So, always keep an open dialogue with your healthcare provider when working with a natural health professional to ensure you get the best care possible.

Cost & Length of Time

Natural health professionals are often not covered by your medical insurance. However, some health savings accounts will cover expenses, so check your policy. Natural health services are most commonly paid out-of- pocket. Appointments typically range from $80 to $300 per session and vary based on location, experience level, and services offered.

When you decide to work with a natural health professional, it’s important to understand that you are making a commitment to your health. The length of time needed depends on your current health and long-term wellness goals. Disease states do not develop in a matter of days, and repair is the same. Sustained change is the goal, so plan to invest an appropriate amount of time in your journey. You may need a few appointments closer together while you’re learning new choices and adjusting to a different way of life. As your health improves and you gain confidence in your daily decisions, you’ll likely be able to spread your appointments over the year for periodic check-ins and support. Talk with the natural health professional at your initial consultation to determine the expected follow-up frequency.

"When you decide to work with a natural health professional, it's important to understand that you are making a commitment to your health."

Practice Techniques & Specialization

Natural health professionals use a variety of techniques and can have various certifications or specialties. For example, specialized programs, can including aromatherapy, herbology, nutrition, iridology, holistic fitness, and biblical coaching. Natural health professionals may also have other training that provides additional titles or licenses that allow them to offer extra levels of care. For example, they may be a chiropractor or a nurse, allowing them to provide other forms of healthcare. Determine what methods they use in their practice, and don’t be afraid to ask questions about these techniques. It’s also a good idea to do an initial consultation to determine if they have the right tools and knowledge to address your needs and goals. The work a natural health professional does is non-invasive. However, it’s still important that you are comfortable with the recommendations and feel free to decline something you don’t want to try. For example, if you’d rather not do a coffee enema, ask if other options could be beneficial.


Working with a natural health professional can be a life-changing and empowering experience. To find the right natural health professional for you, conduct thorough research and ask for recommendations from others who had a good experience. Once you’ve decided to work with a natural health professional, discuss payment and schedule a consultation with them. Before the appointment, prepare your health history, medication and supplement lists, concerns and what you’ve tried for them, and your daily lifestyle choices. At your consultation, discuss how long and frequently you may need to work with them. If you’re under the care of a medical healthcare provider, let them know you are working with a natural health professional and review any recommendations with them.


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