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Self-Healing on Your Journey

Updated: May 5

One of my favorite parts of late summer is collecting the beautiful bounty of tomatoes from the garden. The process of seeding, planting, tending and harvesting is nothing shy of a miracle to me no matter how many times I repeat the process. 


This year, as I pull each precious, tender “result” from the vine, I realize that harvesting myself as I journey through the SHAPE Program is similar. I start the program “seeding” myself with new ideas, healthier patterns and unfamiliar recipes, eagerly anticipating the sprout of something different: a new me. As that new self emerges, I also find a whole new garden of friends to surround me, support me and inspire me as I grow. I tend to myself and others with encouragement, a feeling of success, fresh water, healthy food until finally, I wake up one morning realizing that I am ripe. I am ready. I am beautiful.


Our SELF ReClaimed toolkit (see more below) is a great way to begin the extraction of your inner being. It is a self-empowerment toolkit that allows you to rewrite your story—the old one; the one that no longer fits. It helps you to envision yourself healthy, learn new habits and beliefs, experience the freedom of choice, and live the life of your dreams.


Steven Covey said, “I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.”

Challenge yourself and unearth things from your past to help you uncover how you got to where you are today. Make this program a vital part of your journey until one morning you wake up realizing that you are ripe, you are ready, you are beautiful!


Whether you choose to harvest yourself like a tomato seed or transform inside a chrysalis into a beautiful butterfly, healing mentally, emotionally and spiritually is a big part of your SHAPE journey.


 The author of this post is Ashley Nanney, SHAPE ReClaimed’s Marketing Consultant and CEO of Vitality Consultants, LLC.  

Reference: SHAPE ReClaimed Updated 1-27-22


🌟 If you're facing challenges like anger, trauma, or anxiety—or simply ready to rewrite your story—SELF ReClaimed offers a vibrant path to reclaiming your life!

📘 This comprehensive toolkit blends Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Bibliotherapy to help uncover limiting beliefs and ignite limitless potential. Inside, you'll discover:

🦋 The Parable of Zoe and Cleo: A symbolic journey from limitation to liberation, reflecting your own quest for self-realization.

📝 Transformation Journals: Guided exercises in the Caterpillar, Chrysalis, and Butterfly journals to track your emotional detox and evolution.

🃏 Chrysalis Cards: Dive into 33 transformative concepts, from Love to Truth, exploring real-life applications beyond definitions.

📚 Bibliotherapy Pockets: Curated book recommendations aligning with Chrysalis Card topics, for deeper exploration and understanding.

🚀 Change Challenge Cards: Empowering prompts to adopt new habits and reflect on their profound effects, fostering growth and change.

🌈 Start your journey anywhere within the toolkit—whether identifying limiting beliefs, exploring Chrysalis Cards, or embracing Change Challenge Cards. SELF ReClaimed empowers you to:

🌱 Choose self-empowerment

🌈 Embrace change and purpose

🌟 Take conscious action and responsibility

🌻 Cultivate gratitude, joy, and balance

💪 Release fears and heal from pain

🔑 Trust yourself and live authentically

🌟 Enjoy the journey and leave a lasting legacy

🚀 Experience the transformative power of SELF ReClaimed and unlock the path to a fulfilling, purpose-driven life!

Medical disclaimer: This information is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking medical treatment. Medical conditions require medical care.

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Apr 23
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This is such a wonderful resource for people to explore their relationship with food and so much more. Love it.

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