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HEALTHY HABITS: 10 Daily Habits That Changed My Life

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

These are some items that I have used in my life. I’m not saying they will work for you, but you might be inspired. Also this is not a comprehensive list and in no particular order.

1. Journaling Every Day – I get to examine my thoughts and feelings and the best way to manage my mind. This is where I work everything out.

2. Early Bedtime and Early Wake Up Time. As a teenager and young adult this was not the case. 10-6 is my natural system and my body wakes up most days on its own.

3. Evening Routine – This does vary a bit with the season and the kids’ schedules but in general it’s consistent. I pack everything I need for the next day, let the dog out one last time, perform my skincare and bathroom routine while looking at my goal board and repeating my current affirmation. Once in bed I read for a few minutes then it’s lights out.

4. Morning Routine – I perform my morning routine while looking at my goal board and repeating my current affirmation. I got off the soda and I switched my taste buds to love a warm cup of tea in the morning. I jump on the rebounds and habit stacking my devotional time in this. I do a quick yoga routine and then a 5-minute guided meditation. Then I’m off to feed the pets.

5. Plan Out Weekly Dinners – No more scrambling. I’ve got a plan in place and freezer meals ready for the crock pot or instant pot. I prep lots of veggies and staples we eat each week on Sunday.

6. Get Outside - I try to go outside for a walk every day for the fresh air, the vitamin D from the sun and my circadian clock which helps to regulate all my systems. In the summer I add in gardening barefoot to ground and be at one with the land.

7. Intermittent Fasting – This was a HUGE one for me. This has been a game changer for me. I normally follow an 18:6 schedule. Which means that I eat for 6 hours and fast the remainder of the time, a lot of which I am asleep for. So, I eat at about noon and finish eating at 6PM. I’m fasting in the morning also. I only consume water and black green or herbal tea, possibly with some MCT powder in it which does not spike my blood sugar. Intermittent fasting has helped me get my weight back under control, given me more energy, improved my digestion, my skin and stave off the chronic disease - in my case breast cancer.

8. Pamper Time – Sometime during the week I try to carve out some additional time to do a 60–90-minute yin yoga session or go for a infrared sauna or take a long Epsom salt bath (see blog post for the recipe).

9. Exercise – At least 3 days a week I get in a kettlebell swing workout. Nothing can beat the calories per minute burn that I get from this high intensity training. I took a hiatus but now I’m working back up to longer workouts and heavier weights.

10. Write Out a Plan For The Following Day – technically part of the evening routine but sometimes I do it earlier. I prioritize both the personal and professional lists. I prioritize my items to help me stay focused and avoid burnout.

That brings me to the end of my 10 Healthy Habits. I hope you found it helpful for you to hear about the habits I have adopted to live a healthier life. I hope this has given you some inspiration and ideas on ways you can bring healthier habits to your lifestyle. Check out this freebie I have on Mastering a Holistic Health Routine.

I’d ❤️ to hear about your healthy habits so drop them in the comments below. Your comment could then be a source of even more ideas for people.

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