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Rashes and Other Skin Problems

Updated: May 5

Are you experiencing rashes or other skin problems? We have some answers for you.

There are three main reasons a person may experience skin problems after starting the SHAPE Program:

  1. The SHAPE Program is an excellent detox. When your cleansing organs (liver, kidneys, bowels and lungs) are stimulated to release toxins, those toxins have to go somewhere, so sometimes they get pushed out through the skin in the form of a rash or other skin problems.

  2. If the rash is on the throat and chest, it may indicate a thyroid imbalance.

  3. Aggressive skin problems, such as burning and itching, are often associated with high levels of sulfa in the body. Sulfa is a man-made chemical that exists predominantly in prescription drugs. Often, there is a personal or family history of reactions to sulfa drugs, such as penicillin. Sulfa should not be confused with sulfur, which is a healthy and necessary mineral.

While you may not like what you are experiencing, skin problems can be an indicator that your body is finally releasing excess toxins rather than storing them. “Better out than in,” we like to say.

Keep me, your SHAPE practitioner, informed if you experience rashes, extreme dry skin or any other new or unusual skin problems. All SHAPE practitioners are trained to properly deal with these unpleasant symptoms and will advise you accordingly.

Are you looking for a remedy in the meantime? Our SKIN Healing Lotion is excellent for soothing rashes and other skin problems like rosacea and psoriasis. It’s also an excellent all-around moisturizer that can help heal dry, scaly, cracked and itchy skin. Learn more about SKIN Healing Lotion here.

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May 16, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Yes, our skin is our largest detox pathway. Sweating is also good to move toxins out of the body. I love a sauna a few times a month.

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