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Got stubborn belly fat no diet seems to shed?

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

I can tell you right now 3 simple reasons why that is:


  • You know how many women I work with who were massively undereating every day on some "diet" they were following? Nearly everyone. 🤯

  • The "calories in calories out" mentality that so many of us have adopted over a lifetime of bad dieting advice is just WRONG!

  • STOP focusing on a calorie deficit and start focusing on the quality of the food you eat!


When you're not getting enough quality sleep, your metabolism slows down. It also affects your hormones.

✔️ Ghrelin (hunger hormone) increases when you don't get enough sleep.

✔️ Leptin ("I’m full" hormone so you know when to STOP eating) decreases. This is a recipe for weight gain.

✔️ And a big one, Cortisol, (the fat-storing hormone), will be thrown off by not getting enough sleep.

Hormones don't operate in a vacuum, they are all related, like a symphony. So when one is off, they're all off.


  • This may seem unimportant, but remember, reducing belly fat is a whole journey!

  • Belly fat is oftentimes the last thing to go. It can be a big source of insecurity for women.

  • But I will tell you, you are your own worst critic, so be kind to yourself and give yourself some grace. So, be consistent and just start!

Sounds super simple right? (Now that you know!) Fact is, understanding how your body works as you age and with shifts in hormones doesn’t have to be complicated! Once you know the little things that can make the difference in sustainable weight loss the process becomes easy! That doesn’t mean weight loss isn’t a tough journey but it is my goal to teach you how to make the journey a little simpler so you can make it sustainable! So if you’re interested in gaining the tools needed to transform your mind and body to experience true food freedom, sustainable weight loss, and learn how to truly love your body again…

Consider joining me for SHAPE ReClaimed. Get all the details and sign up now for this Program. I hope you gained a little something to help you on your weight loss journey. Hope to connect with you soon! ❤️

To your thriving health,
Gwen Krehbiel, Certified Natural Health Professional

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